Success Stories

    • Sima
    • 12 years old
    • Respiratory problems

    Sima was barely 11 years old when her life changed

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    • Shimon
    • 14 years old
    • Mononeucleosis

    Shimon's family hardly recognized their son.

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    • Chani
    • 4 years old
    • Asthma

    Little Chani was born with severe asthma

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    • Esther
    • 55 years old
    • Mononucleosis

    Esther was once a very efficient wife and mother

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    • David
    • 10 months old
    • Psoriasis

    Little David was a happy baby with bright eyes

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    • Zahava
    • 6 years old
    • Respiratory problems

    From infancy, Zahava suffered with a wheeze

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  • Several children suffering from severe reactions

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    • Gabi
    • 2 years old
    • Atopic Dermatitis

    From the moment she was born, Gabi was in pain

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    • Zelig
    • 52 years old
    • Respiratory problems

    Inhaling and exhaling is a luxury for Zelig

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    • Pete
    • 8 years old
    • Allergies

    Pete’s family were always on their guard

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    • Isaac
    • 34 years old
    • Lyme Disease

    It was meant to be an outing they’d never forget.

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