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  • Sima
  • 12 years old
  • Respiratory problems

Sima was barely 11 years old when her life suddenly changed. Her body temperature fluctuated dramatically, leaving her bedridden and frail. Sima's immune system dropped, exposing her to every germ around.

The inconclusive test results left the doctors baffled. But once her fainting episodes began, Sima’s parents could see that she was suffering terribly and something had to be done. But what?!

A family friend suggested visiting Davos – at least as a stop-gap measure to prevent the situation from deteriorating. Unbelievably, when Sima arrived, although the acclimation to Davos took time, within three weeks Sima was revitalised. The hills were alive with the sound of her singing, walking through the mountains trails, eating healthy meals – a completely different child from the sickly child who arrived but a short while ago.

Six weeks later, upon Sima’s return to the UK, she suffered a slight setback, causing the doctors to investigate further. A sleep study revealed that her adenoids were enlarged and infected, blocking her airways and preventing her from breathing properly. After a successful operation to remove her adenoids, Sima again returned to Davos in a fragile state. But once again, after a rejuvenating stay, she progressed tremendously and today is completely recovered.

In her words “I found myself again…”

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