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Why we need your help

Each year, thousands of families with sick family members also face crushing financial burdens. Between medical treatments, time off from work, and additional expenses, many families simply cannot meet their daily living expenses, much less facilitate costly international treatments.

Chaim V’Shalvah focuses on both the short and long-term solution. Not only do we provide much-needed respite for the patient and their families, (who very much share the pain of the ill family member), but we also enable the patient to access Davos’s healing air at the Etania House, which has been medically proven to promote recuperation.

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Current Operations

  • 54% Income
  • 41% Deficit
  • 5% Donations

Currently, to enable the premises to be used for 8 months to support camps, individuals, children and families, skiers can rent accommodations at the Etania House (Zentrum Haus) for four months during peak skiing season. This generates an annual income of approximately CHF 200-250,000.

However, the operations of Chaim V’Shalvah, using the Etania facilities, presently cost in the region of CHF 450,000, which presents deficit of approximately CHF 250,000, leaving no funds for any further refurbishment or to replace capital expenditure.


Your support of Chaim V’Shalvah at the Etania House makes it possible for these families to look forward to a brighter future.


Our job is never done. The communal areas, synagogue, and heating system, to name a few, still need refurbishing. By upgrading the Etania House’s current facilities, Chaim V’Shalvah’s annual income can generate additional funds to significantly decrease the yearly deficit, enabling us to continue changing lives of so many people.

  • Electrics & Plumbing
    Target 500,000

    Etania’s old wiring & plumbing desperately need updating. With your help, this essential restoration can be completed in a timely, efficient manner, so our facilities can re-open as quickly as possible in time for another healing season in Davos.

  • The 6th Floor Project
    Target CHF 75,000

    In a brilliant endeavor to generate more funds for families in need, Chaim V’Shalvah - Etania rents its accommodation on the 6th floor to skiers during the winter months. With your help in refurbishing the rooms, profits can be doubled every year.

  • Dining Room & Entrance
    Target CHF 35,000

    With an improved entrance and dining area, guests can have a comfortable place to rest from the moment they arrive. Adding seating and lounge options in the lobby, as well as updates to the dining room, can help improve the experience tremendously.

  • Synagogue Renovation
    Target Achieved
    Thank you for your donations

    Built in 1852, the Etania Synagogue welcomed Jews from around the globe. Over the years, the synagogue fell into disrepair, a shadow of its former glory. But with your help, we can restore this to the splendour it deserves.

  • Etania Villa
    Target CHF 130,000

    The old villa, adjacent to the Chaim V’Shalva - Etania currently offers one large room without proper windows. This can easily be converted into additional guest suites & studios to welcome more children and families in need.

  • New Elevator
    Target CHF 100,000

    Visitors are often limited in their mobility, making adequate lift services not just a luxury, but a necessity. With currently 2 functioning lifts, this often leaves families or children without the ability to easily get around.

  • Kitchen Refurbishments
    Target CHF 90,000

    Having renovated 7 full and 5 mobile kitchens, we see the difference it makes to the children, having home-cooked meals. We now have 9 kitchens left to refurbish and with your help, more families and children can feel at home during their long stay.

  • En-Suite Bathrooms
    Target CHF 450,000

    Presently there are 60 bedrooms with only 24 bathrooms. If each bedroom would have a bathroom en-suite, this would attract more skiers during peak season, increasing proceeds to be used towards operational costs for children and families in need.

  • New Heating & Installation
    Target CHF 55,000

    Most of the year, temperatures in Davos are below freezing, and our current heating system is long overdue for replacement. Smart energy systems can keep our guests warm and significantly reduce heating costs, leaving more funds for the families.

Over the past 5 years, Chaim V’Shalvah has spent over CHF 500,000 to restore the Etania building and the facilities.
Read about our past restoration projects


With all the complexities involved in coordinating a trip to Davos, we at Chaim V’Shalvah work tirelessly to ensure that we can provide each family with the maximum conveniences, so they can feel as welcome and comfortable in the Etania House as they do in their own homes.

That’s where the generosity of people like you makes all the difference in the world. With your donation – you can give our guests the gifts that will make them feel at home.

Item Quantity Target Help
Outdoor Play Area 1 CHF 5,000 DONATE
Commercial Washing Machine 3 @ CHF 1650 CHF 4,950 DONATE
Commercial Dryers 2 @ CHF 2250 CHF 4,500 DONATE
Curtains 60 rooms @ CHF 250 CHF 15,000 DONATE
Food Processor 5 @ CHF 425 CHF 2,125 DONATE
Assistant Kneading Machine 5 @ CHF 320 CHF 1,600 DONATE
Sledges 25 @ CHF 110 CHF 2,750 DONATE
Toys / Art equipment / Books Ongoing CHF 2,500 DONATE

Your donations truly help

Your generosity ensures that Chaim V’Shalvah at the Etania House remains open to needy children and families from across the world, so they can benefit from the healing properties of the Davos climate, in a kosher, family oriented environment.

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