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Davos is a winter and summer resort village located in the heart of the Graubunden in the east of Switzlerand.

The Verein für Kranke (VKE) is located in the Etania House, in Davos Dorf, 50 meters from the Solar bus stop. The apartments are surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and easy accessible walks. The Davos Dorf Train Station and the Parseen Ski are 950 metres away, as well as many familiar tourist attractions including Jacobshorn, Shatzalp & Rinerhorn.

The Verein für Kranke (VKE), located in the Etania House at Richtstattweg 3, 7270 Davos, is a self-catering Hostel comprised of six floors.

Each apartment has its own kitchen facilities with three/five bedrooms that can accommodate up to 8/10 persons allowing up to 14 families at any one time.

We are open 8 months of the year (April – November) to support families and camps.

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The VKE has refurbished the Etania Resort to host families lacking the financial means for their own accommodation.

The 14 self-contained apartments enable each family to facilitate their own stay, allowing them to benefit from the magical air of Davos.

Verein für Kranke (VKE) is located in the historic Etania House at Richtstattweg 3, 7270 Davos, Switzerland.

Guests staying at VKE are entitled to a Davos Guest Card which allows for free travel on buses & trains in the Davos/Klosters area and cable cars.

Private transportation is the responsibility of the guest.

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The Verein für Kranke (VKE) at the Etania House is a self-catering facility.

For your convenience, we offer the following:

  • Private kitchens in each apartment
  • Options for ordering kosher food via the Verein für Kranke (VKE)
  • Kashrus guides for the Swiss area
  • Coffee & tea available in communal area
  • Food is available to purchase in the Swiss shops under the Hechsher of Agudas Achim Zurich.
  • Whole chicken can be ordered from the shop located at VKE in the Etania House.*

*If you would like to order cut chickens or different types of meat, please contact the Metzgerei Kol Tuv Butchers in Zurich who can arrange delivery:

Metzgerei Kol Tuv
Kosher Butcher

+41 (0)44 454 10 00
+41 (0)44 454 10 09

Groceries ListBread ListButchers List

There is a Beis HaMedrash on the premises.

When you arrive, you will find a list of zmanei tefilla on the notice board.

There are coffee facilities for guests and those attending the minyanim. These facilities are not for children’s use.

The schedule will be updated shortly. Please check back soon.

Kosher Mikvah

בהשגחת דיין ר’ יוסף ווייס שליט’א אגודת אחים ציריך

To contact the Dayan 0041 788 969 383
For information please call 0041 774 264 140

Davos offers many activities for your whole family.

We recommend visiting the Davos Tourist Center to learn about activities in the area, and for a schedule of both summer and winter activities.

There are also many spas and clinics in the surrounding area.

For more information please visit the tourist office.

Opening Times of the Hostel

The Hostel is open for Choile Yisroel during:

Chodesh Nissan

A stay with us during the month of Nissan is from Wednesday, March 25th until Tuesday April 21st 2020, (כ’ט אדר תש’פ) for a minimum of 4 weeks. If you wish to come before or stay longer, additional pay is required.

Application deadline for Nissan is Friday January 31st 2020 (ה’ שבט תש’פ)

Date of Notification is February 10th 2020 (ט’ו בשבט תש’פ)

For lorry arrangement please contact us.

Chodesh Tishrei

A stay at VKE at the Etania House for Chodesh Tishrei is for a minimum of 4 weeks. Please contact us for the exact dates and more information.

If you wish to come before or stay longer, additional pay is required.

For lorry arrangements please contact us.

Other times

Iyar, Sivan, Tamuz, Av, Elul, Cheshvan, Teves
Dates to be confirmed

For information please contact us.

In the past 5 years, Chaim V’Shalvah spent over CHF 500,000 to restore the Etania facilities.

The projects included

  • Renovating & repairing 60 guest rooms
  • Replacing furniture, flooring and electricity
  • Adding 12 new kitchen units, equipment and appliances
  • Converting storage space to additional guest rooms
  • Upgrading and addition of bathroom facilities

By upgrading the Etania House’s current facilities, Chaim V’Shalvah’s annual income can generate additional funds to significantly decrease the yearly deficit, enabling us to continue changing lives of so many people.

For example, presently there are 60 bedrooms with only 24 bathrooms. If each bedroom would have a bathroom en-suite, this would attract more skiers during peak season, increasing proceeds to be used towards operational costs for the eight months the Etania House, managed by VKE, is used for the children and families in need.

Renovations to date costing CHF 500,000


  • CHF 240,000 - 60 Rooms Renovated
  • CHF 30,000 - 5 New Mobile Kitchens
  • CHF 80,000 - Villa Renovations
  • CHF 20,000 - Electricity & Wiring
  • CHF 15,000 - Equipment & Appliances
  • CHF 10,000 - 6 Converted Bedrooms
  • CHF 15,000 - 3 Bathrooms Renovated
  • CHF 15,000 - Lobby & Hallways
  • CHF 5,000 - 1 New Bathroom
  • CHF 30,000 - Furniture & Carpeting
  • CHF 40,000 - 5 New Kitchens Created

However, our job is not yet done. The communal areas, synagogue, and heating system, to name a few, still need refurbishing. Dedication opportunities are available. For further information please contact us.

Support our cause

The Etania Association

The Verein für Kranke leases the facilities from the Etania Association. Learn more about the Etania Association.