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  • Chani
  • 4 years old
  • Asthma

It was a life no parents wished on their worst enemy, much less their precious daughter. Little Chani, born with severe asthma, could not live the normal life other girls her age took for granted.

School was out of the question – and antibiotics became her daily fare. In and out of the hospitals and living on inhalers, Chani’s parents began to despair. Out of desperation, Chani’s mother went to the Verein für Kranke at the Etania House for four-five weeks, hoping for a miracle.

Advised that all changes are only seen gradually, and one needs much patience for the Davos air to have an impact, her parents prepared themselves for an extended stay. But to their utmost joy, within a short time, they watched Chani’s metamorphosis into a healthy, typical 4-year old, eating, talking and even singing! Upon returning to London five weeks later, the doctors could not believe the dramatic improvement as evidenced in the x-ray results. But Chani’s parents – after seeing the difference in Davos, understood that their daughter was born twice. Once in London – and once again, miraculously in the Etania House.

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