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  • David
  • 10 months old
  • Psoriasis

Little David was a happy baby with bright eyes and a smile that endeared him to all. But at age 5 months old, he developed a severe rash on his body, causing him to cry endlessly, with no relief or respite to his parents, who tried everything they could to calm him down.

Thus began the medical maze of attempting to soothe his throbbing body. Each Doctor gave a different diagnosis, prescribing all sorts of treatments, leaving his parents at a total loss. Alternative treatments were tried, expensive creams and medications were procured, but the only thing that disappeared was his parents’ finances, who spared no effort, even borrowing funds, to heal David’s agony. Yet to no avail.

Nonetheless, the One Above has many messengers, and his parents soon learned about Chaim V’Shalvah and VEK’s opportunities for healing skin conditions at the Etania House. They journeyed to Davos with their entire family and almost immediately began to see improvement. As evidenced by the letter from David’s parents –

“We are here in the Etania House and David is calm and happy. He sleeps through the night…his skin is not so angry, it is getting clearer daily, there is presently no oozing pus or smell… We have a new child.”

The Golding* family truly had a new baby.

Disclaimer: Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of our guests. All images are for illustrative purposes only.