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  • Gabi
  • 2 years old
  • Atopic Dermatitis

From the moment she was born, Gabi was in pain. She was extremely restless and would cry endlessly, to the dismay and confusion of her young parents. At age three weeks, her first rash appeared, followed by severe eczema which was so visibly appalling that people would ask whether she was burned in a fire.

Before long, the eczema became infected, intensifying the discomfort and itching, and causing her to cry until exhaustion. This severely weakened her entire body, to the extent that she was admitted to the hospital in the intensive care unit.

A tiny, helpless baby overtaken by red-hot enflamed skin, Gabi had no energy to feed, necessitating intravenous infusion and nutrition. Surprisingly, her skin cleared up, but her body responded to the antibiotics by swelling up to 200% of her original size. Her allergies had made her body lose all its protein, so the fluids were leaking into the tissues of her body – hence the swelling. Every antibiotic attempt failed with another rash attacking her skin, until the doctors eventually realized that she was dangerously allergic to most of the medications. Switching to neocate, a formula for highly allergic infants, the slow recovery process finally began. And that’s when they heard about Davos.

Though not a popular place for frum couples thirteen years ago, nonetheless they decided to stay and hope for the best. Their hope was not in vain. Almost immediately, she began to develop milestones such as smiling, grasping, and even amazingly growing hair, which reflects health and vitality. By the time they left, they had a new child with them.

They returned to Davos a few months later, and in the invigorating summer air, a rejuvenated Gabi began crawling and even took her very first step

Fast forward thirteen years. Gabi’s family travels on respite to the Etania House in Davos for four weeks each year, where their daughter can breathe more easily and summon the strength and vitality for the rest of the year. But unlike thirteen years ago, now their stay is so much easier, thanks to Chaim V’Shalvah, and VKE’s family friendly and kosher atmosphere.

Disclaimer: Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of our guests. All images are for illustrative purposes only.