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  • Zahava
  • 6 years old
  • Respiratory problems

From infancy, Zahava suffered from a viral-induced wheeze, causing her family to become all too familiar with hospitalizations and medications. Although initially her condition seemed manageable, her condition subsequently worsened each year, leading to complications including pneumonia, recurring viral chest infections, upper and lower respiratory infections, and pleural rub.

Furthermore, Zahava’s asthma was difficult to control and the doctors struggled to find appropriate medication. Inhalation solutions were administered twice daily, and careful chest monitoring was required. But this did nothing to alleviate her pain, and her cheerful childhood banter was almost completely diminished to “this / that hurts” or conflicts regarding taking her medications.

By age six, her frail chest had already become misshapen due to all the pressure from her breathing. When an x-ray revealed haziness near her heart, it became clear that the pressure was becoming too fierce for her weakened body and additional measures needed to be taken.

With little other recourse, her entire family of six, including twin toddlers, hesitatingly traveled to Davos for a four-week stay. In the first week, it seemed Zahava suffered a setback, with a visit to ER and additional medications added to her already massive daily regimen. But to her parents’ euphoric surprise, week number two showed tremendous progress. When her oxygen levels reached 98%, an unsurpassed milestone for her lungs, Zahava’s mother double-checked the oxygen meter on her own finger to ensure it was working properly.It was!

Before coming to the Verein für Kranke at the Etania House, Zahava could not attempt a flight of stairs and had to be transported to appointments via a buggy – collapsing upon arrival. However, by the time she left Davos, Zahava was taking 45-minute walks, happily scampering around with her siblings! “Forever grateful” is how her parents expressed their gratitude for their personal miracle of recovery, and renewed life granted to Zahava and their family.

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