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  • Zelig
  • 52 years old
  • Respiratory problems

Inhale and take a deep breath. This is a luxury that only people like Zelig can appreciate. When he lies down to sleep for the night, Zelig knows he will soon be up again, and again, gasping for breath. The only way to catch his breath is to run to the window, until the difficulty in breathing subsides.

Medicines, sprays, and inhalers are now part of his life. No longer does the term “refreshing sleep” have any relevance in his life, as each night, the scenario repeats itself. Broken and tired, he wonders when will he have relief from this daily occurrence and be able to breathe like every other human being.

But there’s no time to wallow in self-pity. He is a father, he has his obligations, and he needs to support his family. Yet his mind cries out “I can’t go on like this…I feel sub-human”! It’s as if he is a prisoner in his own body.

That was Zelig’s life before Chaim VShalvah. Upon learning from Chaim V’Shalvah about the healing powers of Davos and the facilities VKE offered at the Etania House, Zelig procured the airfare and made the short trip from Israel to Switzerland. It was a gradual process, but when he slept through the night without waking up for the first time (without any medication), the thrill and exhilaration knew no bounds. The liberation was unbelievable.

Zelig remained in Davos for six weeks, during which he steadily regained his strength. Upon returning to Jerusalem, the benefits of Davos lasted for a few months thereafter. Even when the symptoms returned, it was significantly milder than before.

Currently, Zelig visits the Etania House with VKE twice a year. Each trip benefits him tremendously and endows him with the vitality to once again lead a normal family life as a beloved father, husband, and son. A “luxury” he simply can’t live without.

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